Atelier Crump

Diana Crump is the daughter of Colombia and France, created between impecable French taste and colorful Colombian exuberance. She studied in Paris, and worked for four years in Hermès. In 2014 she creates her own brand of Atelier Crump, a contemporary showroom that empowers women, one suit at a time.


Atelier Crump is a contemporary art brand created in 2014 by Diana Crump in Bogotá (Colombia) . Its objective has always been to create costumes that have the mysterious power of boosting confidence and the attitude of leaving the city. This is achieved through prints with meaning, clean cuts and impeccable quality. Founded in 2014 in Colombia as a contemporary tailoring company, Atelier Crump cultivates a sensual approach to life and nature, constantly navigating between the masculine and the feminine.  |Head designer, Diana Crump, reinvents classic suits and casual sets introducing meaningful prints. She seeks to empower women by reconnecting them to their power and sexuality through sleek cuts, bold colors and erogenous flowers. Atelier Crump´s pieces are as versatile as the women they represent and are fluid to fit any occasion. Each piece is the result of a dedicated team with years of experience in tailoring and craftsmanship. All clothes are manufactured in ethical conditions in Colombia.