Carlo Carrizosa

Carlo Carrizosa is a feminine ready-to-wear brand. It represents a contemporary classic aesthetic vision, in which the knowledge of art, design and various traditional craft techniques are exalted. Carrizosa’s creations have found a loyal following due to their glamorous yet practical appeal. The flawless finish of his pieces reflect years spent honing his skills at a renowned colombian emerging house.


The designer seeks to celebrate the form of a female’s body through his decadent pleats; these seduce the eye of the beholder thanks to the perfection of their folds and manual details, as the result of a unique and unrepeatable artisan process. Its color palette varies between traditional pastels like lavender, pink and baby blue. These tones are contrasted with versions of jewel tones such as magenta and emerald in a greater contrast exposure. By using this combination, it manages to exalt the richness of both pigments and tradition. The brand abandons the unique idea of now, by defining the style of today and forever.