Maylé Vásquez

With a minimalistic approach to the Caribbean fashion style, Maylé Vásquez collections display a very unique perspective of Dominican ready-to-wear. The brands’ polished aesthetic focuses on the ideal fit and details of its designs, resulting in understated yet ornate timeless pieces. Versatile and sophisticated, Maylé’s customizable garments are beautifully tailored to flatter all female shapes.


Committed to ethical manufacturing, Maylé develops her collections under the sustainable concept of “buy less, buy smart.” Each collection is conceived in a strategic way in which each season fuses with the next to create timeless collectible items meant to be worn on multiple occasions building up a smart closet. The ultimate goal is to minimize the environmental impact by encouraging her clients to shop consciously offering them the possibility to customize the designs with her innovative interpretation of up-cycling. Customers are given a chance to transform their long-lasting Maylé basics through creative add-ons that update their garments.