Pamela Stevenson

Pamela Stevenson is Colombian fashion designer who’s passion for art and fashion emerged since her early ages, watching her mother’s work and atelier inspire her to start her own brand and identity. Pamela studied in Bogota, Colombia and Milan, Italy where the first ideas and designs of the brand where created. Coming back to Colombia in 2015 to establish the brand and open our flagship store, her most important goal is make women feel empowered and feminine in each of our garments.
Toulouse Blouse
Belleta Blouse
Marbella Top
Blue Printed Short
Front V Neck Tshirt
The White Cotton Blouse
Chloe Blouse
Gauvain Blouse
Bianca Blouse
Monaco Skirt
Iconic Ps Blouse
Paris Pants
Floral Cropped Tshirt
Toulouse Ps Blouse


Pamela Stevenson is as a Colombian luxury fashion brand established in 2015.

Founded by the award winnner of designer of the year 2016 in Colombia, Pamela Stevenson. With designs that have featured on magazine covers such as Cosmopolitan, Hola, and many more. Pamela Stevenson has settled roots that mark perfectly the concept of the brand in which we seek to highlight the femininity of women, empowering themselves by creating classic silhouettes with a modern, trendy and unique touch.

Our brand creates hand embroidered patterns that are elaborated by our team who dedicates more than 8 hours on each garment we create for our clients . With an impeccable embroidery work and a very clear concept of the brand, our main objective is to always see women in a feminine, delicate and powerful way. The magic behind our brand is based on the garments we create that we named them as a work of art, Our goal is to make every customer who wears our clothes feel empowered.


With a family atelier that opened in 1986 our artisans have become like family. Our team is all conformed by Colombian women and mostly head of households. These are women’s that transform every piece in a work of art with their hands and that feel the brand as theirs. We see our atelier as a place to transform and learn, that is why our artisans can enter Pamela Stevenson with little to no knowledge and learn in our trainings how to embroider each of our garments.