Pink Filosofy

Pinkfilosofy is an effortless and casualwear brand that finds elegance in timelessness, and authenticity in simplicity.


Tuned with the values of the brand, different initiatives and, collaborations of a social nature have been carried out in which there is a feeling that speaks from solidarity and empathy. Among these initiatives is the long-standing alliance with the Ellen Riegner de Casas Foundation, a foundation that for more than 18 years has supported low-income patients suffering from cancer. However, when one of the members recently experienced a breast cancer situation, it was decided that Pinklfilosofy’s commitment should be even greater with all those women who face this challenging path. It is for this reason that a % of the sales of each collection is destined to support those brave women who live this reality. Pinkfilosofy believes in the power of collective work, of uniting purposes and missions, that is why it sets out on this path with the Ellen Riegner de Casas Foundation and in this way be able to amplify aid.