From the runway to your closet

From the runway to your closet



The runways of the fashion month of 2024, have brought the last tendencies and it is all about time to incorporate these in your wardrobe.



The different brands have shown us the inspiration they took from previous years in their new collections. One of the key trends of the season was the return to opulence. Designers such as Dior, Chanel, and Valentino showcased lavish gowns made with luxurious fabrics, such as silk, satin, and velvet.


Another trend was the return of statement silhouettes. After years of oversized and loose-fitting clothing, designers are now embracing more form-fitting shapes. This was evident in the collections of Schiaparelli, Alaïa, and Mugler. All these key elements are the ones to be taken into account to take an appropriate look at the items in your closet. If you feel you are missing the main pieces to create an entire look we are here to help you.


For the next season, Guajiba gives classic workwear a subversive twist with Atelier Crump ́s signature tailoring, delivered alongside monochromatic and floral sets layered for a collection that is in equal parts wearable and seductive. Also of note? Statement coats crafted with sustainable fabrics that showcase our remarkable environmental commitment.



Guajiba offer a large selection in which predominates eco- conscious craft. Discover our jeweler brands collection featuring its signature whimsical pieces elevated with effortless sophistication.
From wear-everywhere pieces to chic bags and timeless accessories, our designers deliver “quiet luxury” at purse-friendly price points. Whether pairing boyish blazers with wave-patterned jacquard vests or embracing color play and three dimensional embroidery, the Guajiba woman effortlessly threads a line of unexpected sophistication.


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