Belleta Blouse

Slightly cropped t-shirt with knotted detail on the front and embroidered flowers and Czech bugle beads on the sleeves.

233,00  VAT Inc.

Luxury (Ponti) 74% RAV – 21% NYL – 5% SDX (Soft Cotton)

Size S: Chest 92 – Waist 64 – Hips 92 Size M: Chest 96 – Waist 68 – Hips 96

WASHING: Use neutral liquid soap or detergent to wash clothes, it is less corrosive to fibers than powder soap. High temperatures are always bad for fabrics. Dissolve the detergent well in water so that it does not produce stains. Wash strong colors such as red, blue, black, etc., separately. Do not soak garments, especially if they have metallic applications or bright colored embroidery. Garments with applications (Crystals, Flowers) deserve special and delicate care. If the internal label allows washing, always do it the other way around and gently to prevent them from detaching. DRY CLEANING: Perform dry cleaning in traditional dry cleaners (No Express). DRYING: Viscose garments, regardless of the percentage they have, must be dried after washing on a horizontal surface, to avoid deformation or stretching of the fabric, since it is a regenerated fiber and extremely unstable. Hang the garments in the shade to avoid loss or decrease of color. IRONING: Do not iron on the Flowers or applications. Do not use a steam iron on garments that indicate a low temperature, it is more harmful to some fibers.