Social Impact

“Be the change you want to see in the world”



In Colombia there are around 90 official indigenous communities, and one of them is the “Senú” community, located in northern Colombia, and recognized by its emblematic artisanship. Like many others, this community lost its unique language many years ago. Can you guess the name of that language? Exactly – Guajiba!

So, this name expresses tradition, art, culture, knowledge… but also, identity and evolution. With Guajiba we want to show you that Fashion is enrichen by cultural influence and heritage, but most of all, is a powerful tool for social inclusion.


We want to take you through a journey of conscious consumption, making you think about what is behind the clothes you wear and the value that they create. In summary, we want to help you to be the change you want to see in the world, through your own actions.

Now, how will we materialize all this? We present you designers whose collections have their own unique styles but share one common trait: a positive social and environmental contribution.

In addition, there is another key element for this mindset change: Versatility.
Our concept relies on quality and exclusivity, but also on products that you can wear more than in a couple of specific occasions. With these three concepts, we believe that we are contributing to a better and more sustainable product life cycle. Besides, we, as woman, have multiple roles and our products will help you to go through all of them.

We are focused on contributing to UN sustainable development goals

By being part of our family, you are contributing to:

Generate employment for indigenous communities or vulnerable communities

Generate employment for indigenous communities or vulnerable communities: several of our designers work with the following communities: Los Pastos, located in southern Colombia; Indigenous Zenú, North of Colombia; Embera Chamí community, originally from Pueblo Rico; Risaralda. community of artisans of San Jacinto, Bolívar; Kuna Community, Uraba, Colombia. But this is not only about employment - their legacy and art is transmitted in each of our pieces. Our designers intend to rescue various traditional craft techniques as well as the use of raw materials that abound in the regions where these populations live to create unique pieces and raise them to a level of luxury and modernity.

Women and young people

More than 80% of our designers are women. Which not only employ local communities, but also other women, the vast majority of whom are heads of households. We want to create a great circuit where each one feels like a generator of value in each link of this chain. And that includes you! Also, young designers and new talents find a home in this family. They risk competing in a difficult industry like fashion, but through their courage and effort, create brands that grow and conquer large markets. 100% of our designers are exporters, they are part of international fairs, fashion magazines and many have been awarded for their innovative production processes.

Geographic diversity

Each of our products comes from different cities in Latin America as we want to fill you with diversity. Today our designers are in 11 cities both large and small, from where each collection is thought, designed and created.

Decent work

Everyone! Absolutely all our designers formally employ their workers, under current laws and with salaries that dignify their quality of life, offering them safe working conditions, wages and fair working hours.

Education and training

At least 80% of our designers provide education and training to their artisans and collaborators. This is not only reflected in the quality of the products, but also generates linkages and growth opportunities for each of them.


to show you what our actions are to combat environmental impacts. We also want to offer you high quality and versatile garments whose consumption cycle is longer and make you aware of buying with purpose, buying with your heart.

Raw Materials

Around 85% of our products are made with environmentally friendly materials, such as organic cotton, seeds, natural and vegetable fibers and recycled materials. As for the fabrics, the majority are cotton, ecological fabrics, recycled polyester, recycled fabrics from previous processes and those that are more synthetic are obtained through processes with low environmental impact.


Print Eco, that is, digital printing with zero discharge of water.


Vegan (cactus) and cowhide (Italian nappa type of leather that is stronger and also more durable).


Our packaging is plastic free.

Artisan work

None of our pieces are massively produced or industrially produced, each piece is made by hand during hours and even weeks of work. That is why no piece is the same as the other, each one has its own story. This also significantly reduces the impacts on electricity use.

On request and limited quantities

It is important to attack dead stock, which increases waste in the industry. All our purchases are made under pre-order and take at least 4 months to be delivered, with this the designer guarantees the efficient use of his physical and human resources. We have a curation process that guarantees limited collections and therefore, we order small quantities, thus maintaining exclusivity and constant novelty with our clients.

Our programs

Our goal is to create a community of clients who create and bet on sustainable fashion. We are not a Foundation, we are a socially responsible company, and we can’t accomplish anything on our own. For this reason, we want all those who are part of the Guajiba world to be part of this movement. How?

Donate your clothes – circularity

Our pieces have high quality and are made to last a long time. It is important to give a second chance to those pieces that we no longer use but that can be of great help to another woman who, like you, wants to look and feel beautiful. In addition, we want to help reduce waste and promote sustainable consumption. For this reason, once a year we will do a campaign where you can donate all those treasures that are in your closet and that want to go out to be used.

Purchases with impact

We want to create a direct relationship between our customers and the impact we generate in each of our communities. Thus, once a year we will design a piece whose entire sales will go to social projects that we will choose year after year in any country in Latin America. Of course, it will be such a versatile piece that you won't want to take it off! Do you dare to collect them every year?

Guarantee the future

Coherence is part of our DNA and our goal is to generate a positive impact in the world. For this reason, a percentage of our annual profits will go to training centers for women and vulnerable communities so that they have the tools to enter the labor market and do what they dream of.

Long-term goals

The road to creating a positive impact is long and never finished. For this reason, we want, starting now, to share with you medium/long-term objectives that are already in our plans and that will be transformed into concrete plans very soon: Carbon neutrality; 100% transparency and traceability; Increased circularity - Repair; Sustainable physical stores.