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Visit Guajiba Homepage. Guajiba is a fashion concept store that wants to combine the best of Latin American fashion with social and environmental sustainability.

We work with designers whose brands generate employment and empowerment in vulnerable local communities through environmentally responsible production processes. View our designers

In Colombia there are around 90 official indigenous communities! One of them is the “Senú” community, located in northern Colombia, and recognized by its emblematic artisanship. Like many others, this community lost its unique language many years ago. Can you guess the name of that language? Exactly – Guajiba! View our social impact

What we want?

We want to take you through a journey of conscious consumption. Making you think about what is behind the clothes you wear and the value that they create. In summary, we want to help you to be the change you want to see in the world, through your own actions.

We want to generate employment for indigenous communities or vulnerable communities. Hence, several of our designers work with the following communities. Per example, Los Pastos, located in southern Colombia; Indigenous Zenú, North of Colombia; Embera Chamí community, originally from Pueblo Rico; Risaralda. community of artisans of San Jacinto, Bolívar; Kuna Community, Uraba, Colombia. But this is not only about employment – their legacy and art is transmitted in each of our pieces. Our designers intend to rescue various traditional craft techniques as well as the use of raw materials that abound in the regions where these populations live to create unique pieces and raise them to a level of luxury and modernity.

Women and young people: More than 80% of our designers are women. Which not only employ local communities, but also other women, the vast majority of whom are heads of households. So, we want to create a great circuit where each one feels like a generator of value in each link of this chain. And that includes you! Also, young designers and new talents find a home in this family. They risk competing in a difficult industry like fashion, but through their courage and effort, create brands that grow and conquer large markets. 100% of our designers are exporters, they are part of international fairs, fashion magazines and many have been awarded for their innovative production processes.

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